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Bell's palsy

Although in good health, I was suddenly stricken with Bell’s palsy upon waking one
morning. Dr. Mindy M. Dai played huge role in helping to get me 100% well again.  Having
treated many such patients before, she focused and genuinely caring. I highly recommend
her exceptional services. ----
Ken L., Burbank, CA

Lower back pain with sciatic nerve pain

Dear Dr. Dai, I do not think words can express my physical condition, unless we use the
word miracle!  After my back injury, which left me unable to pick up even a quart of milk and
pain that went from my back, to lower back, to thigh's and then down my leg, I am a
different person. While the chiropractor said he never saw a disk so far out of place and
the back surgeon scheduled my surgery twice, I knew that I had to try a less invasive
approach. What started at 3 times per week, to allow me to get off my crutches and begin
to walk again, to my weekly or every other week maintenance, my body has never felt
better. I never thought I would recover to how I am today and I must say it was all your effort
and my hard recuperation that has allowed me to get back to living a normal life again.  I
could continue, but it would only say the same thing, pain is gone and worth every visit.
Thank you for taking the time to learn my problem and explain to me how best to overcome
the unbearable pain I was in. I am forever grateful, thank you again. ---
Richard F., Valley
Village, CA

Back pain from spinal osteoarthritis

On a recent business trip to Los Angeles, my chronic arthritic lower back condition became
so severe that I could hardly move. Fortunately for me, I was referred to Burbank
Acupuncturist Dr. Mindy M. Dai by a local colleague. She saw me by special appointment
after rearranging her schedule to accommodate my extreme pain. After only two
treatments, my symptoms were greatly reduced and I was able to complete my business.
Thanks, Dr. Dai for your great treatments. ---
Robt, Seattle, WA

Acute neck & back pain from muscle spasm

Referred by my friends in the WB, my wife drove and held me into Dr. Mindy Dai's office in
Burbank. After 40 min of the treatments, I drove back to home by myself. The pain of neck
and back is gone! I can turn my neck and back without hurting. The acupuncture
treatments are amazing. Thank you, Dr. Mindy Dai. ---
Mike L. Burbank, CA
Dr. Mindy M. Dai
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