Infertility occurs in about 7% of married couples. Neither anatomical defects nor significant
physiological deficiencies can be found in 1/4 of these cases. Improving general health can
increase the chances for a successful pregnancy for many of these couples.

Our approach includes acupuncture and Chinese herbs to adjust the immune response,
balance hormones and improve the micro-environment for fertilized-egg bedding. Through
acupuncture and Chinese herbs we strive to enhance the blood flow to the uterus and the
ovaries and increase thickness of the endometrium. These treatments reduce the rejection
of sperm and allow the female a better opportunity for a normal pregnancy.

We have received many referrals from local gynecologists to assist them in their care of
women with reproductive issues. We have had much success utilizing this team concept.  
We have also had many successful results and helped several women become pregnant
and have a normal pregnancy during the years of our practice. This is always very
gratifying and we hope to continue participating in this rewarding experience.
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